Welcome to ‘ThatOnePlease’. I live and work in Lincolnshire and have always enjoyed creating cakes and cupcakes at home and in my spare time. Over the years I have made many and various cakes, for children and adults alike, as can be seen from the links above. I have created cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and novelty requests as well as business and promotional cakes. When I receive a request for a cake, I always keep in contact with those concerned to ensure the final product is what was desired. Many times the design of the cake is left to my discretion, based on ideas and suggestions from customer. For example, they could be vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or traditional Victoria sponge, rich fruit cake or even gluten free. The cake decorations are varied and hand made from fondant and sugar paste. My family and friends suggested I have my own website to spread the word. So here is. Please feel free to wander through the various pages and view examples of my cakes and who knows - you may end up asking for ‘ThatOnePlease’.
Cakes by Sharon
Updated: 15th June 2021